Homecoming Events

Homecoming week is crazy. For many organizations, it is the culmination of pledging process.  This week is the first time for the new (almost) members to present their club or tribe spirit. It is a high energy, low sleep week. Everybody is busy, but it is a lot of fun! Here's a lineup of what's going down. 


Tuesday: Choctaw Cheer Off

On Tuesday night, the clubs and tribes present a series of self-made cheers to support the Choctaws. These are creative and allow students blessed with rhythm the opportunity to showcase their talents.

Thursday: Follies Student Preview

It's the moment we've all been waiting for. Follies is perhaps the most anticipated event of the fall semester. The clubs and tribes will perform 10 minute skits laced with witty jokes, decorative props, and a couple of dances for good measure. Thursday night is for students. Friday night is a ticketed event for parents and the community.

Friday: Follies Performance/ Float Building Party

On Friday night, the Clubs and Tribes will perform their skits for the last time and for the final judgement. The results will be given in the Piazza. Following the results, the skits will be replayed on a screen in the Bowl. Into the wee hours of the morning, students will work on their floats for Saturday's parade.

Saturday: Alumni Receptions/ Tailgate Competition/ Parade/ Football Game/ Late-Night Tailgate

Saturday is jam-packed with activities. In the morning, student organizations reconnect with alumni and host a tailgate on the Quad. The tailgate is elaborate and full of delicious food and various lawn games. After lunch, an assortment of campus and community groups and the homecoming court pass down College Street, throw candy, and bask in applause. In the afternoon, the football team will play Florida Tech. They will also present the homecoming court and crown the queen at the game. At 7 PM, Remember the Titans will be shown on the Quad and everyone can reconnect and reminisce on what a wild week it has been.