Student Organization Spotlight: Homecoming Committee

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Ali here, and I would like to welcome you to one of THE busiest weeks on MC's campus: Homecoming. Homecoming week is jam packed with lots of fun activities and traditions, but the best thing about homecoming is how it all comes together. Behind all the magic and madness are fourteen hard working students, myself included! I have loved every second of preparing for one of the most known and loved weeks at Mississippi College. 

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So you may be thinking, how in the world do you put on homecoming? Well let me tell you! Thirteen students and one fearless student leader divide and conquer. Split into groups, we are assigned a certain event and from there we plan and organize everything from judges to gifts to decorations to how it will go. We also have Jonathan Nutt guiding us in the right direction, but he does an incredible job of letting this be a student-led event.

Without further adieu, here's your fearless homecoming committee for 2015:

Lynnsey Jackson

Our fearless student leader is a senior and Jonathan Nutt's right hand lady. She also has Homecoming down to a T as this is her second year being chief. She prides herself in having 23 Whataburger table tents. #texasprobs

Madeline Sanders

Madeline is helping head up tailgating this year. She's super talented, creative, and incredibly organized. She also loves old people and her little (pictured with her) a lot! 

Chip Wilson

Chip has many talents such as being our personal florist and T-Swift fanatic. He's also heading up tailgating (and all floristry needs) this year. One of his other talents is baking delicious sweets, but while he enjoys baking, he doesn't enjoy eating sweets. 

Khrysten Glass

Better known as KG, is the last of the terrific trio working on the tailgate. Our very own sass queen is always there to lend a helping hand. She has a deep love for people and an even deeper love for pizza.

John Williams

John is over follies and has done such a good job organizing judges and bossing around performers. He's super funny and easy to carry a conversation with. He also sang at Carnegie Hall when he was 17.

Katelyn Jones

Katelyn, or rather KJ, is John's partner in crime for follies. She's full of energy and is good at coming up with a plan and executing it. She's in a committed relationship with Netflix and sang on The Grand Ole Opry stage.

Brock Richardson

Brock is my partner and together we've taken on the homecoming parade. Brock is very helpful, takes every task seriously, and gets the job done. When Brock drives his boat everyone calls him Captain Brock or Oh Captain my Captain. 

Ali Acord

(That's me!) Brock's better half when it comes to the homecoming parade. I'm full of energy, and I enjoy being a team player. I didn't choose the thug life; the thug life chose me. 

Emily Boyd

Emily is in charge of the homecoming court and all things hospitality. Emily is so kind, helpful, and creative. She's also currently working on getting her real estate license. 

Julianne James

Julianne is our other lady in charge of homecoming court and hospitality. She's got the sweetest heart and is super funny. She also once beat the world record for spitting sun flower seeds. 

Sean McGeehee

Sean is heading up our late night event this year. He's also super sassy and whitty but super hard working. His hair is also endorsed by Chipotle. 

Mary Kennedy Ward

MK is also helping with our late night event. She's hilarious and super goofy. One time Chip Wilson found her Patagonia in the lost and found and then gave it to his brother (Jamie) for Christmas. She showed up to formal and saw him wearing it. 

Jamie Wilson

Jamie is in charge of all our graphics for homecoming. Like the homecoming shirt? Well this talented fellow designed it! He's ridiculously talented. He's watched The Office all the way from start to finish 10 times and is now currently in his 11th viewing.

Kristian Gautier

Kristian is in charge of Choctaw Cheer-off. He's one of the kindest yet goofiest people I've ever met. He's terrified of roaches and the food network was his favorite as a child. 

Being a part of homecoming committee has not only been tons of fun but a huge learning experience. It's given me a chance to show my creativity and use my take charge personality. I've also gotten to know and work with awesome people to put on this beloved event.

So, if you can't tell, this year's homecoming committee is the absolute best. So enjoy this week and thank a committee member for all their hard work. HAPPY HOMECOMING AND MAY FOLLIES BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOR! 

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