Single & Ready to Eat Pringles

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Happy not-yet-Valentine's-Day! 

It's Ashton here, representing The Pride (Liz, Andrew, and I) as we talk about being single on Valentine's Day... because tomorrow is Valentine's Day and we're all three single and proud. 

The reality is that more people are single than you think. I say that in reference to those "I'm the only single person ever" thoughts that you've probably had while walking into Kroger and seeing the mass of pink and red and stuffed animals and chocolate. It's okay to hate being single sometimes, but it's not okay to live in a pity-party bubble because your friend has a boyfriend/girlfriend and you don't. 

So, here's to living it up on February 14th, whether you have a significant other or not. As The Pride, we are all united on the spectrum of joyful singleness, even on National Get Engaged Day. We know that being single is harder some days than others, so we want to share five ways to enjoy Valentine's Day even when you're single!

1. Treat it as every other day
Andrew's number one piece of advice is to eat chips and cheese, just like you would on any other day. For Andrew, that means eating a lot and taking naps between meals. For me, that means eating Chick-fil-a at least twice.

2. Celebrate Galentine's Day
Step 1: Watch Parks & Rec
Step 2: Eat waffles
Step 3: Watch more Parks & Rec

3. Go on a road trip
Go to the mall or go climb a mountain! Road trips are easy fuel for joy, so if you find yourself thinking too much about your relationship status, keep yourself occupied on the road! Go find fun things to do! Seek adventure!

4. Watch old movies
Because you should. I'm talking like Princess Bride, Breakfast at Tiffany's, An Affair to Remember, or Pretty in Pink. These are all important and there's no better day to watch them than Valentine's Day (or any day, really). These movies will make you smile, potentially cry, and laugh a lot. Stay tuned tomorrow, we'll have a list of Valentine's Day movies that you can watch!

5. Hangout with all of the single people.
This kind of goes hand-in-hand with number one. Hanging out with your friends and having fun is important, y'all. Last year, Liz spent Valentine's Day making donuts with a bunch of random people at her friend's apartment. This year, I'll be driving to Macon, MS to work a ropes course with my friends at a camp. Friends make things better.

BONUS: Wait for February 15th & then buy all of the chocolate
On sale chocolate is God's special gift to all of us during the month of February. Don't deny the goodness.

Well friends, it's almost Valentine's Day. It's coming and you can't run from it. If you're in a relationship or if you're single-- enjoy the day! Have fun and eat good food and live life well. The Pride will spend the holiday loving life and waiting for chocolate to go on sale. Don't live in a self-pity bubble, go find adventure, and don't be that guy who calls it "single awareness day" because it's not. 

Happy Galentine's Day, happy Friday, happy February. Stay great. 

The Pride // Ashton, Andrew, and Elizabeth

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