Confessions of an Out of State Student

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Hey errbody! It’s Ashton, the one and only curly-headed blogger and Orange Beach native of the Choctawk Tower. A common misconception about MC is that most of our students are from in state. 

Here’s a secret: we’re not all from Mississippi.

MC is home to a lot of people, like myself, who are from more than two hours away. When you come on campus, you'll meet a lot of students who are from the Jackson area or other parts of Mississippi, like our Social Media Chief, Andrew. But, you'll also meet a wide variety of students who are from all over the country, from California and Oregon to Arkansas and Florida. 

When I was in high school, I was determined to go to college at least two hours away from home. I consider this a side effect of living in the same town for eighteen years and an easy way that God lead me to MC. 

I'm from Orange Beach, AL a small city on an island in South Alabama that most of you have probably visited on vacation before. It's located right next door to Florida and five hours south of Jackson, MS. I have called Orange Beach my home since I was a baby and I love it, but by the time my high school graduation rolled around, I was ready for life away from home. Two years later and I love life away from home and the only time I've regretted the distance is when I realize that I left something behind (or I've craved a home cooked meal). 

To all you who are thinking about going to college out of state-- know that the prosperity of your future is not defined by distance. Being far away from home, whether that be by a few hours or a state line,  gives you the opportunity to become independent from the beginning. When you can't go home for dinner, you learn to make college home a little faster.

I would be lying if I said that I always love being five hours from home. When I've had a bad week and I want to sleep in my not-twin-sized bed, I get a little sad. Honestly though, I wouldn't trade one night at home for all the nights I've had at MC. Being far from home has helped me to grow as a student and even as an adult (I'm not sure if I qualify as an adult yet, but for blog purposes, we'll say that I do).

To put it clearly: I don't regret choosing a school far from home. I love the drives between here and there and I love that going home is a "treat" rather than a normal part of my college life. Going to school far from home, just like going to school close to home, has both upsides and downsides. 

Friends, don't let distance keep you from looking into a school.

Dream big and be bold. 

Curly head, big heart 

PS-- check out what another out-of-state student had to say!

"I grew up in a Christian school and wanted a solid Christian college with great academics and an opportunity to continue playing football. MC had everything I was looking for. So, I left my home in Tampa, FL and traveled twelve hours to come to MC-- I couldn't be happier. The people I've met and the experiences I've had are priceless. Although home is far away, I am glad to be here making lasting friendships and learning to be independent. MC was definitely an excellent choice." 
- Ty Bates 
MC Junior, Choctawk Telecounselor, & dubbed "One of the best people on campus" by Andrew Wilson

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