For the Love of Learning: Freshmen Honors Block

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Hey future college students, 

It's Elizabeth here, and I'm excited to talk to you about the Freshmen Honors Block! 

When I was a freshman at MC, I participated in the first ever Honors Block and had a blast! At the time, it was a combination of two classes (World Masterpieces and World Civilization) that were taught by some of the most qualified professors in Jennings. This class not only taught me discipline and knowledge, but it taught me a love for learning that continues to deepen everyday. 

Our class of 25 freshmen spent the semester reading classic works of literature while studying the culture and history of that literature's time period. We participated in interesting lectures, challenging discussions, and creative projects that made learning an adventure. Our class quickly became a community that was fostered through learning and tackling challenges together. My Freshman Honors Block helped me to develop solid opinions, a foundation of knowledge, and a love for learning. 

Now, after four years of successful honors classes, the program has been refined into an interdisciplinary mega-class, which is basically three classes rolled into one. It counts for 9 credit hours and incorporates three courses: Freshmen Composition, a literature survey, and a history core. Some of the most revered professors at MC team up to teach high-level academic content through flexibility, interdisciplinary study, faculty interaction, and student independence. 


Think you might be interested in this unique experience? Well you've come to the right place! Incoming students with an ACT score of 27 or higher are eligible to apply for the Freshman Honors Block. These students will receive a letter in late April with an invitation to apply and will have their application reviewed by the honors committee. 

From someone who has experienced this program, know that it will be the most challenging but rewarding experience of college. I loved it, learned from it, and made some amazing memories. Don't miss out! 

For more information and opportunities, check out the Honors website. You can also contact the chair of the Honors Council, Dr. Miller (who changed my life) for more info! Email him at or call him at the extension 3336. 

Hope to see you on campus soon! 

Elizabeth "school is cool" Moore


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