What's in Our Backpacks?

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Hi friends! It's Ashton, the girl who is rarely seen without her backpack and one of your favorite bloggers (well, at least I hope so). Today, on the second day of the second month of 2015, I'm going to talk about backpacks.

Backpacks are an essential part of every college student's daily life. We use them to carry our lives-- textbooks, computers, assignments, phone chargers. Without them, we'd never have a free hand and honestly we'd probably have a lot less back problems. Backpacks are important for us! Like women with their purses, most students carry a lot of the same things in their backpacks, but everyone has their own unique backpack-fillers as well. 

Here are some of the general essentials. 

Textbooks & Notebooks
I currently have four textbooks in my backpack. Four. Along with my four text books are two binders and my planner. Binders (or notebooks), and textbooks are inevitable things that all students need to have. 

It's 2015 and computers are definitely a thing. I use my computer for work, school, my internship, and to pass the small amounts of free time that I have. Computers are important. 

This is for us organized types. Keeping a planner is both a good idea and something that's super helpful in the long run. Mapping out your day, week, or even your month is always helpful. Planners, they'll be your best friend if you let them be.

A Ridiculous Amount of Pens
Confession: I keep a pencil pouch full of about twenty pens. When I asked our boss Shardae what she kept in her backpack during college, she excitingly told me that she always kept a million Sharpie pens with her. If you carry a ton of pens, you'll never be without, meaning you'll never have to be "that guy" asking for a pen in class. Help you help others.

Y'all, this one is serious. A good pair of headphones goes a long way on a college campus and you don't want to find yourself somewhere without them. I keep headphones in my backpack all. the. time. They are one of the few items I double check for before I leave my dorm because they are a vital part of me keeping my sanity while studying.

On top of the general essentials, up in the Choctawk Tower, we all have our own preferences on other things that we keep with us. 

My essentials: 
My Nalgene water bottle, Dot Products, Burt's Bees chapstick and hand lotion, gum, a phone charger, wallet, Bible, and Clif Bars.

I can't do life without these things in my backpack. They make life easier (hence me calling them my essentials). 

The other Choctawkers have their own essentials as well, here are some of them!

Legal pads, Red Bulletin Magazine, jump drive, bobby pins (some of which he found on the ground), a phone battery (because his phone still uses one of those), and to be paired with his normal sized legal pad- a baby legal pad.

Chapstick, gum, germ-x (that she admits she never uses), clipboard-binder-folder-thing, a collection of old letters, and at least 3-5 books. 

Always a mug, good pens, a protein bar, and an orange. 

Well folks, now that you've seen the in's-and-out's of our (probably messy) backpacks, I hope that you somehow feel inspired. A good backpack filled with all of college life's essentials is a key part of making the craziness of college a little easier. 

Pack your backpack well, don't forget your snacks, and conquer the world!

Stay wonderful,
Future Adult of America

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