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Hey there friends, it's Elizabeth, here to tell you about a night where I put on a nice dress, wore a name tag, ate the best sushi* of my life, and took the classiest picture in existence. 

This fabulous evening is known as MC's Jackson Reception--one of the several events that MC Admissions hosts for all prospective families in the surrounding area. Receptions are fun for everyone--students, parents, Admissions counselors, MC Scouts, even the saxophone player serenading in the corner. These evenings include the best food, decor, speakers, and interactions with students and professors in a relaxed but informative social setting. We love getting to treat you and your families to delicious food and great conversation.  

This winter, I went to the Jackson Reception for the first time as a Choctawk staffer and got to experience it from the host's perspective and wow. Admissions Counselors LOVE these. As soon as you walk in the door you are treated as the guest of honor with professors and students eager to meet you and a top notch catering team ready to refill the sushi platters. 

The Jackson Area Reception is one of five receptions in prominent areas of the South. These Receptions are in Jackson, the Gulf Coast, Hattiesburg, Memphis, and Birmingham. Everyone in the area even remotely interested in MC is welcome to come meet our friends and eat our food! (And learn about our school, of course). 

However, as much as we wish for you to simply show up and eat our infinitely existing sushi, we do ask that you a briefly register online . But don't worry, registration is free! Don't miss out, register now for: 

Gulf Coast Reception Thursday, February 5, 2015

Hattiesburg Area Reception Monday, February 9, 2015

Memphis Area Reception Monday, February 23, 2015

Birmingham Area Reception Tuesday,  March 3, 2015

See you in your City!! 

Check out these pictures from past receptions. 

Don't forget to take a classy picture and tag @MC_Admissions with #MCinMyCity.

See you there! 

- Elizabeth "Sushi Roll" Moore 


*Sushi not guaranteed for all receptions. But it was in Jackson and it was magical. 

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