Department Highlight: Modern Languages

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Hello! Hola! Bonjour! Hallo! It's Ashton, a Spanish student and joyful blogger, here to talk about one of my favorite things about MC: the Modern Language Department.

 As a student, you quickly learn that our Creator has made us all to love different things. He did not make us all to study biology or for all of us to love history. He is a creative artist, making the Earth full of beautiful things and beautiful people with different interests. I am lucky enough to be one of the people that the Lord made to be interested in learning a different language, which is why today I am writing this blog with a full heart. I am a fourth semester student of the Spanish department and a huge advocate for all things foreign language. 

When coming into the Modern Language Department, you have the option of studying eight different languages: Chinese, Latin, French, Japanese, Greek, Hebrew, Spanish, and German as well as a program in International Students and Foreign Language and International Trade. With that, students can receive a Bachelor of Arts degree in Foreign Language and International Trade, French, International Studies, Modern Languages, or Spanish. There are minors offered in Chinese, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish.

While studying in the ML Department you will have the opportunity to be exposed to culture, language, and literature different from your own. Through studying other languages, you'll leave the department able to read, understand, and communicate with persons of different nationalities. Taking Modern Language classes will equip you to build relationships with people from different countries and spark a wanderlust in you that is too fierce too ignore.

All students in the department are encouraged (but not required) to study abroad for one semester (which is an easy cure for the inevitable wanderlust problem). Studying Spanish in school grew my love for Latin American countries and lead me to spend my summer serving as a missionary with Guatemala. Though my summer didn't count as a study abroad program, MC offers programs in Germany, Brazil, France, London, Austria, Spain, Costa Rica, and China. 

After spending a year and a half in the Modern Language Department, I can honestly say that it has been one of the biggest blessings of my MC career. Though I am not a Spanish major, the department and its staff has been a constant for me in the midst of the craziness of college. The department chair is Dr. Beth Stapleton, a woman who has inspired me (as well as a very large handful of other students) from the moment that I met her. Dr. Stapleton loves the world and to lead students as they also learn to love other languages and cultures for all that they are. Along with Dr. Stapleton (reminder: this woman is my hero) the Modern Language Department is carried by a team of lively and passionate professors who all love what they teach. 

In case you need proof of how wonderful the Modern Language Department is, Dr. Stapleton told me exactly why she loves it:

"I love my job because I work with amazing colleagues who are also my friends, teach wonderful students who love languages and different cultures, and have the opportunity to change lives through academic and study abroad programs in our department.  I also enjoy being in a Christian work environment where I can freely talk about my faith and Christian walk with those friends and students."

Basically, this department is wonderful. As I type this I am listening to Spanish Hillsong and doing everything humanly possible to make you love this department as much as I do. If you want to learn more about the Modern Language Department, visit their website and check it out (it's where I got 99% of the information in this blog)! 

Audios for now, amigos!

Almost Spanish speaker, constant oxygen breather, forever chips & salsa eater

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