Department Highlight: History

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Hello to all people potentially interested in history. (Hello to everyone else too, but this is a blog about the History Department.) 

Quick PSA: the process of choosing your major can seem daunting, but keep in mind that the Lord has given you passions and interests for a reason. These passions and interests make up the "you" that He lovingly created, so why not study and pursue something He created you to love? 

For those of you interested in history, you've come to the right place! The History Department at MC is housed inside Jennings Hall, also home to the English, Political Science, and Modern Languages department (as well as a pretty fountain and fern arrangement). 

As a history major, you will take courses in History of Western Civilization, History of the World, History of the United States, Historical Research and Methodology, American Constitutional Development, etc. If these sound semi-interesting, then this might be the major for you! 

The History Department, like many other departments at MC, pair their content with critical thinking skills. Students study historical narratives ranging from ancient world history to Mississippi history, while focusing on the disciplines of close reading and academic writing.  

Emilee Koshak, a sophomore History major, says:

I love the classes that I take--I feel like I learn something that's interesting and applicable to my life. I also love the teachers. They all not only love what they are teaching, but they really care about getting to know their students and are huge encouragements.

Students can choose between a Bachelor of Arts in History or a Bachelor of Science in History Education or Pre-Law. They can choose their concentration based on what job they'd like to pursue after graduation or simply what interests them the most. 

These classes combine a variety of lectures, discussions, projects, experiential learning, field trips, and internships. 

"What's out there for history majors in the real world?"  you might ask. Well, many MC history graduates have gone on to become successful lawyers, educators, researchers, and historians! This could be you! 

Check this out to see the mission of the History/Political Science department. Also, for more detailed info about the History Department, click here

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