A Letter to Juniors

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Dear Juniors, 

It's your friend and junior blog chief Ashton here to talk. As Spring semester gets rolling, the end of your junior year slowly approaches, meaning that your last year of high school is right around the corner.

Guys, it's time to start looking at colleges. 

When you read that, I know that your immediate reaction is going to be, "No I don't! I have over a year until I graduate!" and you're right about that. You don't have to start looking, but you should. Exploring a college's website is easy and fun and it gives you the chance to look at your options without making any kind of commitment. The more schools you look at now, the more likely you are to know what you do and don't want in the schools you apply to next year. Give yourself a lot of options now and your future self will appreciate it. While you're watching TV or procrastinating on that paper you have to write, look up different college websites (My suggestion would be to visit this website first).

As you look at schools, you'll see a lot about ACT scores, and if you're anything like High School Junior Ashton you'll huff and puff about how many times you've already taken the ACT and you'll write it off. As your elder, let me advise you not to do that. The more times you take the test, the better. My advice is to keep taking it until you can't anymore. The last time I took it was December of my senior year after getting the same score four out of the five times I took it. I don't think you can take the ACT too often, so keep treading on! For now, the ACT is your friend. Treat it that way.

When you come back to school in the fall, life will look different. College will be the topic of too many conversations and the weight of deadlines will carry with you until you graduate. Now is the most laid back time to explore options for college.

I made my decision to go to MC my junior year after coming to a Preview Day and three years later, I love this school just as much as I did when I first stepped on campus. Though most students don't make their decisions that early, I'm glad that I did. This spring is the time to start looking at schools, folks! Enjoy high school while you can, because the next year and a half will fly by. Go to prom, go to your school's games, and spend time with your friends. Don't wish away your time in high school, but don't neglect thoughts of the future.

Explore colleges, befriend the ACT and enjoy your junior year!

Stay wonderful, stay juniors (just kidding), stay cool.

-- Ashton
Ugly sweater wearer, zoo lover, banana eater


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