Welcome Back Choctawk Staff!

Hey Choctaw Fans! We've started the school year here in Clinton, and that also ushers in the return of the Choctawk Blog! We're fired up about this school year and are ready to meet all you future Choctaws! But first, let us introduce ourselves: We are the Choctawk staff!


Hannah is a Texas girl but a Choctaw at heart. She loves being the President of Laguna Social Tribe, smiling, and drinking coffee! (She claims that she liked it first!)


Preston is the life of the party! Preston is the master of the tank top, the King of the Ropes course, and has a trademark on his sock tan. One time, he was flirting with some girls and ran into a light pole.


Elizabeth is an English Writing Major and loves stories. Catch her any afternoon with some coffee and a good book. She also enjoys learning how to cook new things.


Andrew is a perennial adventurer. He lives life not on the edge but hanging off of it. He dresses with the swagger of a lion mixed with a cobra. If you ever see Andrew ask him about his rap game.


Cole has never met a stranger or a doughnut he didn't like. Cole is a businessman in every form of the term. He longboards, dances, and can fall asleep while walking. He knows all the best restaurants in any town.


Ty hails from Florida and lives the lifestyle to match his home state. Ty loves the outdoors, watching college football, and being a boss in any situation. Sorry ladies, he's taken!


Nolie is short for Magnolia, and she has the coolest name of all the Choctawkers. Nolie enjoys the simpler things in life, reading anything she can get her hands on, scarf weather, and drinking hot tea. 


Mary and Nolie are best friends. Mary is a driven individual who loves the arts, considers herself a visionary and collects coffee mugs. She has over 20 mugs including a Vincent Van Gogh mug called the "DisappEARing mug." (Google that if you need help)


Ashton is from Orange Beach, Alabama and loves coffee. (That's a fad here.) She enjoys learning about other cultures, travelling, and listening to chill music. One time, she got lost in her hair. 


Shelby knows how to get things done. One time she fake laughed...now everybody I know fake laughs. She's driven, intentional, and enjoys spending quality time with her friends.


Callie is a spunky girl who likes to do crafty projects. She checks her Pinterest account daily. She is 3/7 of the way to her goal of visiting all seven continents. Her most recent trip was to Botswana, Africa. 

Megan Kaye: 

Megan Kaye is from the Delta who loves Mississippi, but is a world-traveller. She loves taking pictures, going on spontaneous adventures and listening to her favorite band, Parachute. She loves concerts and exploring the world around her.


Shardae is our fearless leader. She has great hair, her favorite color is green, and she loves going to music festivals and eating pineapples. She recently graduated from MC, and wants to travel to New Zealand one day. She's already a Kiwi at heart.

So, here we are. We love MC, and we love Choctawk!

Stay tuned for more stories, life tips, and college advice!