Give Me a (Fall) Break: A Weekend Full of Adventures

Hey friends! It's Nolie again, and I have great news! Fall Break is finally here, and just in time! The first round of tests have been taken, Rush has begun, coffee has been guzzled by the cup, and the first hint of Fall is in the air - it's time for a break!

But what to do over the break? That's the real question, and I think there is only one acceptable answer. Go on an adventure! We in the Choctawk office are going on our fair share of adventures over the break, so here's some possible Fall adventures:

Go on a road/day trip. 

My roommate/best friend/fellow Choctawker, Mary, and I are taking a day trip to the "Big Easy"  over the weekend. We plan on eating some beignets, taking in the sights of the French Quarter, and shopping til we drop. Memphis, Birmingham, and the Beach are also only a few hours away, and are full of all types of adventures.

Our last adventure in Gulf Shores, AL! 

Our last adventure in Gulf Shores, AL! 

Go to a Music Festival/Concert

Ashton is traveling up to Nashville to see two of the bands that played at Spring Fever's Brick Street Bash last semester. Any guesses who?! If you guessed Judah and the Lion and Penny and the Sparrow, you'd be correct! Ten points for Gryffindor! 

Another Choctawker, Preston, is driving down to Austin to the Austin City Limits Music Festival! He is most excited about seeing Sam Smith.

Go to the "Big" Game

If you keep up with American football then you know the big game is this weekend! The Alabama Crimson Tide are going to take on Ole Miss in Oxford this weekend. Andrew is going to cheer on his mom's alma mater, the University of Mississippi. 


The Jackson area is full adventures waiting to be taken. Spend a day in Fondren, go shopping at the Renaissance, or hang out at the Reservoir. Just look around, and you'll find something to do! You'll be surprised what you don't have time to do while school is going on. 

Go home

And finally, you could go home! That's what the majority of our Choctawkers are planning on doing! Hang out with your family, friends, or cat. Catch up on some sleep. Read a good book. Bake lots of pumpkin flavored goodies, and enjoy Fall Break!  

Enjoy your Fall Break!! 


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