Why Apply?

Hello! It's Andrew here to talk about the importance of applying for college.

Let me set the scene: You're in your later years of high school. You had fun during your freshman and sophomore years, but now you've realized that it's time to get serious about school and look ahead to the future. 

There are so many options, so many colleges across the country, so many opportunities for your future. But were should you even begin? What is the first move?

Just apply. 

Applying is the first step, but it's simple! 

Admissions counselor Anna Mortimer commented, "Applying is the only way to get the ball rolling in the college process." She advised that high school students should apply to several schools and walk the application process until they make a college decision. She said that a lot of students get trapped because they want to go to a school but haven't applied anywhere.

So, don't get stuck in the pre-college process. Apply today, and start your future!

Signing off,

Andrew, Kung-Fu Master, College Student