Admissions Counselor Spotlight: Michael Wright

We're back with another Admissions Counselor spotlight! 

This week we are learning about the man, the legend, the illustrious Michael Wright. He casually flies over sand dunes, and wears Choctaw shirts in the desert. 

Not only is his gray hair legendary, but his enthusiasm for the people and the campus of Mississippi College is renowned. 

This week, Michael is road tripping through Alabama to visit the John Carroll college fair, Jefferson County college fair, and Bessemer Academy. If you are near any of those areas, go see him! Ask him obscure questions and take selfies. I met my Admissions Counselor at a college fair, and it obviously changed my life.  

Here's an insta selfie of Michael at Oak Mountain High School last week. This could be you, Alabama people. 

Michael has also honored us with answers to our interview questions. This is gonna be good...


What Disney Princess would you marry and why? 

Jasmine or Belle. Jasmine is flat out SMOKIN HOT and Belle is so well-read.

What animal would you be and why?

The Falcon, because the Falcon is the fastest animal in the world. 

What are your go to road trip snacks? 

Sunflower seeds, flamin' hot peanuts, pretzels, banana and PB, and Diet Mountain Dew.

What are your go to road trip jams?

Radiolab Podcast, Relevant Podcast, Classic Rock, Country, Americana, Jazz, Folk...pretty much ANYTHING! 

Books that changed your life? 

The Abs Diet.

What were your high school involvements? 

The DRUMLINE! Baseball, Tennis, FCA, and the theater

What was your most memorable MC moment?

Launching water balloons and eggs at the Shawreth campout.

How did you find MC as a student? 

I was down to two schools and it was the closest to home. FSU is about 9 hours away and way too big for me. So, I chose the place where I could be involved in ALL kinds of stuff and make it my home away from home. 

Pro-Tips for high school students? 

HAMMER the ACT. Prep for it. Study for it. Google tips for it. Prep for it again. Keep studying for it. And then practice those tips again. I want to give you as much money as possible, and you making higher on the ACT makes that happen! 

Favorite Choctawk post? 

Alex Peterson's (guest blogger) college visit post from the Spring of 2014


Thanks Michael! You're the best. Check out our Instagram and Twitter @MC_Admissions to see selfies of Michael on the road! #MContheroad 


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