Red Bus Project coming to MC

Hey MC!

Let's get real. You've all wanted to get on a double decker bus before. Now's your chance. 

It's called the Red Bus Project. 

If you've never heard of the Red Bus Project, the first thing you should know is pretty obvious. It involves a red double-decker bus that has been transformed into a mobile thrift store! This Red Bus, created by Stephen Curtis Chapman's non-profit organization Show Hope, will be on the Pedestrian street outside the Caf this Thursday, October 2! 

This bus is inhabited by college age interns that travel all over the country, visiting Universities and raising money and mobilizing advocates for orphan care.

The Red Bus Project was started by Stephen Curtis Chapman's non-profit organization Show Hope that cares and advocates for millions of orphans worldwide. 

When you stop by the Red Bus on Thursday, be sure to do these 3 things:

1. Bring clothing donations! The Red Bus interns will be taking clothing donations to stock their bus for future college trips. So got any extra t-shirts or old clothes? Bring them to the Red Bus! 

2. Come buy stuff! How often to we have a legit thrift store right outside the Caf? Never. Except for this Thursday. So come!! 

3. Meet the staff and talk about "What's Your Red Bus?"  The staff of RBP want to help you become involved in orphan care even after the bus pulls out of MC. The director of Show Hope's Student Initiatives, Chris Wheeler says, “We have a very intentional strategy in place to move students progressively towards deeper and deeper engagement in a lifestyle of orphan care. We are asking them ‘What is your Red Bus?’ – a metaphor for specific actions they will take to help the plight of the orphan.”


So there will be a big Red Bus on the Pedestrian street outside the Caf on THURSDAY. You literally can't miss this. Come and spread the word! Bring your clothing donations, some cash to buy stuff, and a heart to learn and change the world. 

Check out their website for more info! There's some great stuff here. 

Also, this video! 

Bye friends! See you at the Red Bus! 


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