College Visits or Nah?

Hey y'all, it's Andrew here to tell about one of the funnest weekends of my high school career. I remember that there were so many busy weekends in high school with football games, Homecoming, Prom, and copious amounts of other activities. However, one of the decisions I value the most was following the advice of my Admission Counselor and making time to visit college campuses. 

The fall of my senior year, I came to MC's campus the night before a Preview Day, (we have a preview day coming up soon) and spent the night in my friend's dorm. It was fantastic! He was in General Rush at the time, and so we went to watch Rush Skits. Here's a shot of me at Rush Skits with Morgan Gaughf and Kasy Ates. 

After Rush Skits, we went to the Tribes' after parties. I remember being drawn in by the fun, welcoming environment. Everyone was friendly, and we danced until our legs were sore. Next, in true college student fashion, we headed to Waffle House to chill and eat. Finally, we crashed and slept until Preview Day started. I felt like a real MC student by the time the event actually began! This weekend experience was pivotal in my college decision.

I couldn't be more pleased with my decision! I've absolutely loved my MC experience. I'm a junior now, I'm involved in campus life, and my life is better because I bleed Blue and Gold!

This picture was taken at the most recent Spring Preview Day. From left to right: Daniel Wagner, me, Will Ballard, Erik Shore. (Fun side note: I stayed in Daniel's room when I visited, and Will stayed in my room when he visited. Erik is there because he's cool.)

So here are 3 takeaways:

1. Come to campus! Preview Days are great, but you can still take a tour at anytime.

2. Visit with your Admissions Counselor. The Admissions team is here for you! They want to see you succeed!

3. Stay updated on MC! follow @mc_admissions on Twitter and Instagram

Tour MC.jpg

Hope to see you on campus soon!

-Andrew, Choctaw Fan, Dreamer, College Student

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