Admissions Counselor Spotlight: Sam Maze

Hey Choctawkers! 

Before I came to MC, I didn't know that the Admissions Counselors were such a big deal! Not only are they super popular on campus, but they do all the work to make sure you have the greatest experience visiting and learning about MC. 


Since they're so important, we're going to spotlight one of them each week. 

This week we are getting to know Sam Maze! 

Sam is from Union Grove, AL, he graduated from MC and is now marrried to his wife, Candice.

He recruits out of state in East TN, Central TN, and Georgia. In Mississippi, he recruits at Central Hinds Academy, Raymond High School , Hillcrest High, Terry High School, and all the JPS schools. 

This week Sam is traveling to Tennessee to visit Davidson Metro, St. Cecilia, Montgomery Bell High, Father Ryan, Harpeth Hall, Pope John Paul II, and a college fair for Williamson County at Cool Springs Galleria. If you attend one of those schools or live in the area, be sure to stop by! Call our Admissions Office for details! 601-925-3800


We had the chance to ask Sam a few questions, and here are his answers!

What Disney Princess would you marry and why? 

I would have to say Jasmine from Aladdin....she has a pet tiger.

What animal would you be and why?

Lion...who wouldn't want to be a lion? 

What are your go to road trip snacks? 

Anything accessible, but mainly peanut butter, peanuts, etc.

What are your go to road trip jams?

I love rock and country music, so if it fits that genre, its playing.

What are some books that have changed your life?

Traveler's Gift by Andy Andrews. We are the captains of our destiny, and nothing changes that. Today's society wants to point fingers at someone else for their own problems, and are swayed too easily by the decisions of others. Be someone who makes an impact in the life of others.

What were your high school involvements?

I was very involved athletically in high school, and I also enjoyed being a member of HOSA (Health Occupational Students of America), where we worked alongside doctors, vets, EMT, etc in clinical settings for preparation in the healthcare field. Working on my Grandparents farm was, perhaps, what I enjoyed the most during high school.

What was your most memorable MC moment?

Most memorable MC moment was defeating Univ of Mary-Hardin Baylor in 2009 for the football ASC Conference Championship. Working for something that special made a lasting impact on me.

What are some tips for college-bound high school students?

High school students need to focus on becoming who they want to be. The choices made during high school carry over to adult life. The quicker that a student can identify who they are, and what direction they want to go, the more opportunities they have to become successful. Hanging out with successful people will prove more fruitful than those that spend time with slackers.


Thanks Sam! Hope you readers enjoyed the interview. 

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Tune in next week for another Admissions Counselor Spotlight!