Sheer Follies!

Greetings! It's Nolie, and I'm here to tell you all about the thing that is on every pledge/associate's mind right now: FOLLIES! To those who aren't familiar with MC lingo, I'm sure you are thinking "What in the world is Follies?!" Well, I happen to know the answer to that.

Over the past two weeks, the pledges/associates of each club and tribe have been working tirelessly to prepare a ten minute skit to preform. Usually, these skits take place the night before Homecoming! This year in addition to the Friday performance, Follies will be performed on Thursday night, too! This showing is just for students and faculty, and its FREE!  So in honor of Follies coming up, let's throw-back to last year's Follies! 

Rotarack - Monster's Inc.

Nenamoosha - Pirates of the Caribbean

Kissimee - The Amanda Show


Kokoa - High School Musical

Swannanoa - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


3rd Place: Shawreth - Skyfall


2nd Place: Laguna - Annie


1st Place: Civitan - Les Miserables


It was great fun to perform AND to watch! I can't wait to see this year's Follies! I know it will be one for the books!

Farewell for now,


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