Preview Day in Rewind

Hey friends! 

If you didn't already know, we had our fall Preview Day this past Saturday, and it was a party! 

Some of the amazing Choctawk photographers and videographers showed up and got in on the action. Let's follow what they captured!

If you got the chance to be at Preview Day, go ahead and re-live the fun. If you didn't get a chance to experience Preview Day, you can now! 

Here's the play-by-play:

11-12:30: Our gorgeous Providence Hill Farm was open! This is where our students particpate in sports like Equestrian, Bass Fishing, and Clay Shooting. 


1:00- We all started arriving! And the MC Scouts were pumped about it! 


1:30- The Welcome Session began in Swor auditorium where we met the famous Michael Wright and Anna Mortimer...

...met Dr. Royce! The one and only , the President of Mississippi College. Students are a huge priority for Dr. Royce, and he serves so well at this University.


...met Mark Hughes and Kyle Brantley on behalf of the Admissions Team!  

...met Mary Beth Hughes (no relation to Mark) and heard about MC from a student's perspective. 

...met Dr. Stapleton, an MC Alum and professor, and heard about MC from a professor's perspective. 

3:00- Next, we all split up and chose mock classes to join while our parents stayed in Swor and talked about parental things. They got to hear from Dr. Pratt, Dr. Howard, and a few other VPs and Deans about financial aid, finding faith, finding family, and finding future. 

4:00- We went to the Academic Marketplace in Alumni Gym to check out what kind of academic opportunities and involvements MC offers. 

4:30- Then we went to the Quad to see why there were SO MANY PEOPLE. Turns out all the clubs, tribes, and on-campus organizations were tailgating! So we hung out with some students while finding out about these organizations for ourselves. 


5:00- At this time, we had the opportunity to see MC's state of the art Cadaver Lab for medical and biology students. 

6:00- Dinner time! Who doesn't love free food? MC's Caf provided dinner for us and our parents, while we continued to mingle with students on the Quad.  

7:00- The football game kicked off against North Alabama! So cool seeing MC compete as a Division II team. 


Twas fun! Check out this ballin' video by Adelenne of Preview Day in rewind. Look fast and see if you can see yourself!