To Rush or Not to Rush? My General Rush Story

Hey guys, Nolie here! It's hard to believe that this time last year I was just getting settled in at MC! Welcome Week was over and classes had started. I was getting into a routine, and then something astronomical happened -- General Rush!

When I first came to MC, I knew very little about Clubs and Tribes, and I was not convinced I should rush. Would I have time? Was it worth it? These were the questions that plagued me.

After chatting with the different tribes at Rush Fair, I decided that General Rush would be a good way to learn about Clubs and Tribes. It wouldn't require too much time, and I could figure out if this "tribe thing" was for me. I registered and waited with anticipation for the first event, Rush Skits. 


The morning of the first day of Rush Skits, I woke up to discover a piece of paper that had been slipped under my door in the wee hours of the night. The next day it happened again. These slips of paper revealed the theme for that night of Rush Skits, decades and favorite cartoon character/safari.

That first night, I entered Swor with hair that coiffed in a mile-high beehive and watched Laguna and Swannanoa perform their rush skits. The next night, I donned my Superwoman adult onsie to watch Nenamoosha and Kissimee (I have gone to extensive lengths to ensure that all pictures of this night are never seen). At the end of both nights, we were invited to dance the rest of the night away at the after parties. 

It was so much fun, but my favorite events of General Rush were the Coke Parties. What's a Coke Party you say? It pretty much amounts to getting dolled up in order to get free food and have quality conversation. Those nights I met some of my closest friends. We laughed, took pictures, and learned about the different personalities of the tribes.   

In the end, I decided that the "tribe thing" was something I could get behind. Even if you aren't completely sold on pledging, General Rush is so worth the time! At the very least, you could make some awesome friends, and if you decide to Pref, then it just keeps getting better and better! 


- Nolie Ramsey