Rushing into Rush: Important General Rush Dates at MC

Hey guys! General rush is coming up pretty soon here at MC.

This past Tuesday, September 9, we had our Rush Fair on the Quad for anyone interested in rushing. Clubs and Tribes set up their tents, wore their colors, and hung out with anyone interested in hearing more about the rush process. 

On Saturday, The Council, our governing body of Clubs and Tribes, hosted The After Party following our football game against North Alabama! 

With that being said, we know you don't want to miss out on anymore of the fun! So here are some upcoming dates to keep track of: 

September 16 (Tuesday): General Rush Meeting in Swor: Come hear what rush is all about! Clubs and Tribes will all be there with some special surprises! 

September 18/19 (Thursday/Friday): Rush Skits and Videos in Swor: The social tribes put on skits to let you see their unique personalities while the service clubs put together videos for the same purpose.

September 22/23 (Monday/Tuesday): Coke Parties: Opportunities for the ladies to get to know each group on a tribe by tribes basis (KT+ST on Monday, NT+LT on Tuesday)

September 22/23/24 (Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday): Rush Parties: Opportunities for the guys to get to know each group on a club by club basis through their unique parties.                   (Circle K+Kokoa on Monday, Shawreth+Rotaract on Tuesday, Civitan on Wednesday)

September 26 (Friday): Pref Day: Number your picks for the tribes/clubs you want to rush, and turn them in!

September 27 (Saturday): Squeal Day: Find out which club or tribe you will be pledging! 

Good luck! 

For more fun info about general rush check out this blog Drake wrote last fall and this blog that Nolie just wrote on Friday!