Tips for On-Campus Jobs

Hey readers!  It's Jordyn to talk about tips for the popular and most sought after... ON-CAMPUS JOBS!

It seems every person asks around to their friends, "Hey, you know of any on-campus jobs?"  With everyone looking for the availability of jobs at Mississippi College, it can be a tough chance to actually find yourself employed.

 I'm a well rounded veteran of on-campus jobs and will be sad to leave them once I graduate in May.  Since my time here at MC, I've (luckily) had five different jobs that were on campus.  I've been around the block and know some of the ins and outs of getting and maintaining a job here at MC.

First, let me talk about the benefits of an on-campus job.  One, it's ON CAMPUS!  This is about the most convenient you can get unless you find a job working from home (i.e. your dorm) which most likely won't happen at this stage in your life.  You don't have to drive to work, can save that extra gas money, and it saves you time since a walk across campus is 10 minutes at most.

Second, you become more involved and strengthen your relationship with MC.  It's is very rewarding to be able to give back by serving fellow students and faculty.  Working on campus allows students to be able to plunge into life at MC and work toward bettering its resources and contributing to the school's success.

Now that you know some of the great things about being employed on campus, how do you find a job?

Asking around to your friends is a start, but I suggest going further in your job search.

First off, the Career Services is an excellent resource to find an on-campus job.  They don't handle the hiring process, but every new student at MC can register and create a username/password for MC Career Link which allows students to search for any available on-campus jobs.  Any departments that are looking for student workers will post their job openings on MC Career Link.

However, it seems most of the time the employers on campus already have someone lined up through the grape vine or it's a last minute hiring process so they look for the first qualified applicant.

To attempt to be one of these lucky students, do some research on your own.  Find out what departments have student workers, see where your skills match up for a position, and go and talk to that department directly.  This is how I found a summer job on campus.  I went to the department, asked if they were looking for student workers, and gave them a copy of my resume.  A couple weeks later, I was hired!

Networking can be very helpful to finding an on-campus job.  If you know students who have on-campus jobs, or even administrators on campus that could hire you or possibly know the scoop of jobs becoming available, it's not a bad idea to get to know these people.  Building relationships with people in an academic and professional atmosphere can be really beneficial for not only finding on-campus jobs, but even jobs after you graduate!

All of this can lead you in the right direction of finding a job, but timing is everything!  If you're staying in the area over the summer and on the hunt for a campus job, I suggest looking months in advance.  Many departments look for new students each semester (spring, summer, and fall) so it's a matter of getting ahead of the game.  Stopping by an office in March to give them your resume to be considered for the summer is not too early at all.  The earlier the better!

With resumes in mind, connect with the Career Services office in Nelson Hall and they can work with you to perfect your resume.

My last important tips concerns your mindset for on-campus jobs.  Some students may be on the search for an easy job that pays them while they do school work.  DON'T BE THIS PERSON!  On-campus jobs are real jobs with real responsibilities.  You have a schedule and are expected to stick to it.  If you don't perform your job well or duties don't get completed, there are consequences.  Work hard and show employers what you're made of!  Or they might find a different student worker with a stronger work ethic.  

On-campus jobs are great for students and serve as excellent experience before graduating and moving on to other careers.  Happy job hunting!

- Jordyn