Fifteen Things to do in Twenty-Fifteen

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We're fifteen days into 2015! Yay! It's Ashton, coming at y'all for the first time this year. It's January 15th, 2015 and I'm going to give you fifteen things to do before this year is up. Obviously, today is all about the number fifteen. 

Let me first explain how this is going to work. Liz, Andrew, and I have each made a list of five things we want to do this year. As you will see, the things on our lists aren't the exact same stuff that you can do. Consider them all as suggestions or catalysts to your 2015 bucket list.

Here's to it. 

Andrew's list:

1. Look at the stars. Realize there's something bigger than yourself.

2. Take time to breathe (smell the roses).

3. Read the Word. Take up your cross daily.

4. Don't overcommit yourself & show up to the things you commit to.

5. Eat ice cream.

year goal: growth & stability. also to live life with the fullness and richness of a cheesecake.

Liz's list:

1. Read classic literature for fun.

2. Add to your wardrobe or furniture stash by thrifting.

3. Buy coffee for a complete stranger.

4. Write out a list of goals, just for fun.

5. Keep a quote book of all the funny things that happen to you.

year goals: honesty, optimism, opportunity, new friends, more alliterations.

ash's list:

1. Meet a bear.

2. Go to the Pacific Northwest.

3. Potentially get a hair cut (and learn to love change).

4. Read a lot of good books, from the Bible to Jane Austen, a lot of words will be read.

5. Make a difference. Live differently. Love radically.

Year Goal: Continue to pursue adventure, my Creator, and joy with everything I have in me.

As you can see, friends, our lists are all entertainingly different. They may not make too much sense and be a little confusing, but we don't really make sense either. For example, you probably laughed at me when you saw that I want to meet a bear. Laugh on! Bears are my favorite animals and they make me smile more than anything else. Pursuing the idea of meeting a bear is basically my way of telling myself to pursue joy!

So what are your goals this year? What will you do to encourage yourself to pursue what you want to do? 

If you haven't taken the time to list your goals and resolutions, do it! Stop watching Netflix, grab your journal, and set some goals, people! If you need help check out my tips on how to and how not to make a New Years resolution. It also wouldn't hurt to listen to our Winter Playlist while doing this (*end self-promo*).

Friends, I hope this full, semi-odd list of our 2015 goals inspired you to make yourself a 2015 Bucket List. If it didn't, read it again while petting a small, cute animal. 

Happy fifteenth to you, to your mamma, and to your dog. 

Ain't no lie baby bye bye bye, 

President of the Campus Cat Appreciation Club



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