Dear Seniors. It's 2015.

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Dear Seniors, 

It's finally here. Those four digits you've been waiting for since your freshman year began: 2015--your graduation date.  

It seems like just yesterday you were a teeny freshman who knew nothing about survival. It was just yesterday when that locker door smacked you in the face, or you flailed in front of that cute boy, or frolicked straight into a parked car. Yeah, freshman year was a humiliating blur for me too. 

But now you've arrived. You've achieved senior status, and it's kind of awesome. Well now it's 2015, which only means one thing: it's your year. 

Didn't think it would ever come, did you? I remember feeling the same way.  

I graduated high school in 2011. For the longest time it seemed like 2011 was one of those years that I looked forward to but never expected to actually happen. Each May I would attend graduations and see my older friends wear their cap and gown, knowing that one day it would me be... but not really. 

Then one day I woke up, and 2011 actually got here right on schedule. 

I was a jumble of emotions. At first I was pumped because it was finally the Class of 2011's year! But then I was bummed because...well... it was the Class of 2011's year. Only a few more months and then we'd be jumping off into the deep end of college and beyond. No longer would we be in the safe fish bowl of high school (if you can even call it a safe fish bowl), but we'd be diving head first into a brand new life, a brand new adventure. 

Regardless of my mixed emotions, 2011 came and it was good. I graduated, I threw my red graduation cap in the air, I made bank off of graduation gifts, I said lots of good-byes, and I went to college. With excitement and intimidation running through my veins, 2011 came and I lived it with every ounce of life that I had. 

So seniors, now it's your year: 2015. How will you greet it? How will you live it?  

As someone who squeezed the life out of 2011, here's my advice on how to do the same with 2015. 

- Do crazy things, because why not? Legal and mostly safe, but bonkers. 

- Make the weirdest memories ever. One day, you'll want to gather your grandchildren at your feet and blow their minds with the year 2015. 

- Have fun at school. Don't be boring and tell me that high school can't be fun, because it most certainly can. Get hyped at pep-rallies, play (friendly) pranks on your teachers and classmates, laugh a lot, eat goldfish, go on weekend trips, take lots of pictures. Be creative and make high school musical look like a petting zoo. 

- Be nice to your parents. Appreciate them for how they love you and support you. Make some crazy memories with them too! 

Regardless of what you do, make 2015 memorable. Make it your year! Graduation is coming fast. The best and most bittersweet time of your life is here. Go get 'em. 

- Elizabeth "2015--go hard" Moore 

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