Winter at MC: a story told in GIFs

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Hello everyone. Happy winter. It's that time of year again when dead days are done, finals are beginning, and your brain has melted into a pile of study guides and assignments. At this point in life, I find it necessary to give my brain a break and some mindless entertainment. Well, friends, here is Choctawk's contribution to your study break as you trudge through the long, but not infinite, finals week. 

Now without further ado, I give you, a typical winter at MC (as told by GIFs). 

You walk out of your dorm room and the weather is finally below 70 degrees. 

You're so pumped to get your Pumpkin Spice Latte on that you begin to pull out all your sweaters and Instagram your feet in the leaves.  

But as soon as it gets below 50, you're pretty much trying to get inside as fast as possible to avoid frostbite...

You dress to beat the cold and make your mother proud, but completely forget how constricting it is to wear all those layers. 

The struggle becomes very real..

But eventually you get used to it and face it like a champ. 

But right after you've pulled out all your boots and scarves, the weather spitefully turns against you. 


You kindly explain to the weather (and all your social media followers) that it is December, and it needs to leave.  


But then finals week comes around.

You hardly have a chance to notice the weather anymore because school keeps knocking you down. 

And before you know it, it's dead day. 

Coffee suddenly becomes the nectar of life and you consume more than you thought humanly possible...

You go into your room and attempt to study, but end up doing this instead. 

But there's no way you're missing out on stuffing your face at cram jam.

All the while you're trying to avoid Netflix like...

But eventually that 8am final rolls around. 

And you most likely show up to the Caf looking like this. 

All emotions become heightened. 


And when someone walks by you in clothes nicer than sweatpants... it's over. 

You're so tired you can't even think straight, so when people ask you what you're doing over Christmas break, you say...

You finally walk to that exam you're dreading like...

And you're really tempted to just give up altogether. 

But when you're done, you walk out of there like...

Then you hit the road like "deuces college, see you in January!"


Hope this entertained you and helps you cope with the first day of finals. Best of luck, may the curve be in your favor, and all that good stuff. 

Don't forget to take time for laughs and good food. And listen to our winter playlist (or just read the blog), because it's winter. 

Until next time, 

Elizabeth "laughs a lot" Moore 


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