Choctawk Gift Guide

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Hey friends! Happy Monday!

Ashton here to give you the low-down, the skinny, the ins-and-outs of Christmas shopping for your friends! I'm here to present the first ever, Choctawk Gift Guide! 

Gifts is one of my Love Languages (giving, not receiving) so shopping for Christmas gifts is possibly one of my favorite things in the world. So, comrades, let us begin in this adventure that is a Gift Guide.

Let's do this. 

The Girly Girl

Think nail polish , think Starbucks, think Target. 

For your friends who spend their free time watching Grey's Anatomy, drinking frappucinos, and listening to Taylor Swift, this is it. Run to Target, grab them a new nail polish color, a gift card, maybe a cute mug or something-- boom. You're done.


The Hipster

Get them anything from Urban Outfitters paired with a Wes Anderson movie and coffee from some obscure country. Done.

The Book Lover

For this friend, we're going for a Hermione Granger approach. As a book lover myself, this has a simple approach-- Get them your favorite book! Approximately ten minutes ago, Liz handed gave me one of her favorite books as a gift and my heart exploded. It's a personal, simple gift that every book lover will love!

The MC Student

Easy: Giftcard to Chick-Fil-A (most meals are under $8) or Cups. Paired with any of the following: a Nalgene water bottle, flannel, journal, coffee mug, or a horse. We're simple people.

The World Changer

This friend typically sends you looking for a non-profit, which is great and fun and totally my zone. Here are some cool non-profits you can check out. They all benefit different causes, which means you can choose one that impacts something that is near and dear to your friend's heart! 

The Athlete

Nike anything. Gatorade. Sports.
(Athletic things are my expertise-- sorry guys)

The Parents

Because we all know they're hard to shop for. Try visiting the MC Bookstore and getting them a cool shirt, sticker, or mug! Parents also love their kids, so printing out a picture of you and your friends or you at any school function and framing it would make any mom happy. My go-to for my dad is always a bag of Cups coffee. And another always safe choice is the macaroni necklace. You choose.

The Best Friend / BFF / BFFL

Stop overthinking this one, guys. Get your best friend something you love, something that reminds you of them, something that you made. If it comes from the heart, it will most likely hit a special spot in their heart, too. For my birthday, one of my friends gave me a cool wooden-wall-art-thing and a cat calendar, and I flipped because it was so simple and perfect and wonderful! Go on Pinterest, do a DIY, give them a cool gift and boom. Done.

The Siblings

The cool thing about brothers and sisters is that they're normally pretty straight up with you about what they want for Christmas. Some simple ideas are movies, socks, candy, or t-shirts. I know for my brother I always look around the area for random, unique, cool shirts that he couldn't find where he lives. Be creative but keep it simple and your brothers and/or sisters are going to love what you get them!

The Adventurer

The simple solution for this one is a mason jar full of homemade granola, any DIY thing with the word "adventure" on it, or a to-go coffee mug. If you're looking to get your adventure-minded friend something else, check out websites like Bradley Mountain, Field Treasure Designs, or We Keep Exploring which have fun, one-of-a-kind, authentic items made to fuel wanderlust and encourage organic minds. Wrap it in brown paper with some red yarn, they'll love it.

The "Andrew Wilson"

Not specifically Andrew Steven Wilson, our social media guy, but the fun, outgoing, always hungry, forever laughing, adventure seeking guy friend that you love to have around.

Food is safe. Foreign food, random food, normal food, anything edible will please this friend. If you don't want to get specifics, go for a Kroger gift card and all will be well and the black-hole-stomach that college aged guys posses will be happy. 

OR you can go to a thrift store and get a weird, fun shirt. OR any other unique, fun thing. Friend = fun. Gift = fun. 

The "Ash + Liz" 

Once again, not specifically me and Liz. This friend could be any friend, really. We're very strange and rather diverse. If you love something, this friend will love it too. When shopping for your weird, fun-loving, coffee drinking friend, be thoughtful and know that you can't go wrong with food! Cheese, chocolate, cake, anything! If Hermione Granger or Harry Potter would love it, this friend would too! Actually, anything that has to do with books or specifically Harry Potter would be great. 

In my opinion, the "Ash + Liz" friend is just someone who loves you and love you well, who will be happy to get anything from you or nothing at all. As the "Ash" part to the "Ash + Liz", I know that that's true. Be creative, be yourself, and have fun!

Well kiddos, that's all for now! I hope that the Choctawk Gift guide offered you some sort of help in your Christmas shopping. Good luck shopping, may the odds be ever in your favor, and merry Christmas! 

Stay golden,
gift giver, flannel wearer, bear hugger