Surviving Finals

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Hello all, Andrew here to address what's going on in the academic sphere here and college campuses everywhere. So, it's Finals week. In reality, it's a week of tests to show what you've learned all semester. You're prepared, you know your material, but for some reason it feels like this:

Finals week may be stressful, but it vital to your mental health and stability to not become inundated with a skewed perception of the truth. Whenever I get stressed out, I like to think about things from a broader perspective. When I think about something large, like the ocean or space, then I can start to see beyond myself and realize that the world doesn't revolve around me.

This realization freed me up to see that my problems, such as a week packed full with tests and papers, are truly not that large. When I look at tasks from this perspective I am less apt to stress out and more likely to show up and do a good job. 

All that being said, It's still important to study and be prepared to do your best. Dr. Stapleton told me one time to do my best and not worry about the grades. She said if you do everything in your power to do your best work, then the grade isn't important because you put your best foot forward. So, go, hit the books, and do your best. 

I wish you all the best of luck with finals! 

Until next time, 

Andrew, Spongebob Fan, Choctawker, Lion.

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