Lighting of the Quad

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Hello friends! It's Elizabeth here, the girl with the unusual obsession with words. 

I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving break and ate lots of turkey and those yummy cookies that look like Pilgrim Hats. 

Well, now that Thanksgiving has left us eating left overs for days, another season has descended upon us...

C H R I S T M A S 

If you didn't know, Christmas only comes once a year. And if you're in college, you only get about a week and a half to truly celebrate it while at school.

At MC we go big when it comes to Christmas and wrap up all the Christmas cheer into one massive on-campus event: Lighting of the Quad! 


Lighting of the Quad is a Campus Activities Board (CAB) tradition, and it's one of the biggest events of the year. This year, not only will all of campus be there, but the entire city of Clinton is invited as well! 

But, how do you stuff a month's worth of Christmas cheer into one night, you ask? Let me walk you through a few major highlights that make this a Christmas-lover's dream. 

1. Candy Land Christmas
Last year, the theme for LOTQ was Home for the Holidays, but this year we are having a Candy Land Christmas! So get ready to see lots of life-size candy canes, sugar coated everything, and probably enough chocolate to last you until next Christmas. 

2. Live music
 Each year, CAB finds student musicians to serenade the crowd with festive Christmas music. I actually got to participate in the LOTQ music scene last year with Andrew Welch. It was a blast! 

3. Gingerbread House Competition
Because what's a fun event without a little bit of friendly competition? At LOTQ, each Club and Tribe decorates a gingerbread house and everyone can vote on the winners. Each year, these houses get more and more elaborate and creative--definitely a sight you'll want to see.

4. Free Hot Chocolate and Holiday Food
So I've been thinking about what constitutes holiday food, and this is what I've come up with: chocolate things, warmth, and mint flavor. If a food contains any combination of these, it's probably a holiday food. Bottom line: I don't know exactly what kind of food/beverages will be served at LOTQ, but it might have one of more of these holiday-food qualities. 

This one is a given. The whole point of Lighting of the Quad is to unveil the campus Christmas decorations and "light" up the Quad with its annual Christmas lights. 

6. Reading the Christmas Story
Each year, one of our wonderful professors reads us the Christmas story as we gather around the stage like you would gather in a living room with your family. This year, one of the students' favorite professors, Dr. Park, is reading about the birth of Jesus and reminding us why we have a reason to celebrate. 

7. Candlelight
At the end of the Christmas story, everyone receives a candle and lights them together, completing our celebratory Christmas season kick-off. 

So whether you're a Clinton local or an MC student, make sure you come out to the Quad tomorrow, December 2nd to get pumped and jazzed about Christmas. 

Also, public service announcement: The MC Singers mixed-choir is having their annual Festival of Lights performance in Provine Chapel December 4-6. The MC Singers are an incredibly talented and disciplined group of musicians, and the Festival of Lights is one of my favorite on-campus performances! Come listen and worship to their beautiful harmonies and become a part of the tradition.   

Signing off and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!! 

- Elizabeth, consumer of all things mint and chocolate. 

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