Admissions Counselor Spotlight: Michelle Ladner

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Hey Choctawk followers! 

It's Elizabeth, back again to shed some light on one of our rockstar Admissions Counselors. This week's rockstar? Michelle Ladner!

Michelle is from Gulfport, MS, and graduated from MC last spring with a degree in history with a minor in political science. She currently holds the Trifecta of MC Greatness: Miss MC, Homecoming Queen, and the Hall of Fame. This is a big deal, people. 

But here's an even bigger deal: Michelle is a former Chocktawker and graduated to become the next coolest thing, an Admissions Counselor.  

This week Michelle will be at a College Fair at Petal High School, and she will be visiting Ocean Springs, Wayne County High School, and Picayune Memorial High School. Call our Admissions Office or ask your guidance counselor when and where Michelle will be at your school. Find her and go say hi! Michelle is super cool and wants to get to know you! Also, if you take a selfie with her, she will most likely retweet you, and then you'll be famous. 

That's a picture of her with some cool kids from a College Fair at Harrison Central High School! 

That's a picture of her with some cool kids from a College Fair at Harrison Central High School! 

Now onto the interesting bits of the spotlight blogs: 


What Disney Prince would you marry and why? 
Prince Eric for sure! He loves dogs and could take me on boat rides. And that jawline of his… chiseled straight from marble! *swoons*

What animal would you be and why?
Penguin! Who doesn’t love penguins?! They’re stinkin’ adorable! 

What are your go to road trip snacks? 
I pull a total Soccer Mom status and will cut up strawberries or apples and put them in a Ziploc bag before I hit the road. I also love Non-Sweetened Iced Green Tea from Starbuck’s and Flipz white chocolate covered pretzels.

What are your go to road trip jams? 
TAYLOR SWIFT!! (1989 has been on repeat in my car.) 
Some of my other favs are Dave Barnes, Frank Sinatra, Sam Hunt, Jason Mraz, Kari Jobe, Michael Buble, & old school Jesse McCartney. I’m one of those people that will also listen to Christmas music at any given point in the year.

What are some books that have changed your life?
Battling Unbelief by John Piper. A phenomenal read on battling doubt, anxiety, temptation, etc. with the superior promises of the Gospel.  

What were your high school involvements?
Band was my biggest involvement. I spun rifle in Winter Guard, was a Drum Major during marching season, & played oboe during concert season. I also played piano in Youth Praise band. Other involvements: Student Body President, Miss Gulfport High School, Beta Club President, National French Honor Society, Youth Legislature, Robotics Team.

What your most memorable MC moment? 
Studying abroad in London!!! I grew so much & got to see so much of the world while experiencing such a unique culture. Some of my most cherished moments physically on campus though were also spent with my “Friend Family” I made here at MC. Amidst the many specific road trips & experiences we had with one another, I most fondly remember cooking homemade dinners, Netflixing it up, movie marathons, 2am Ihop runs, and laughing until our diaphragms hurt even during weeks we were stressed to the max. They encouraged me, challenged me, and loved me for my genuine self- nerdiness, flaws, and all. They also pushed me to be a better friend and Christ follower, and those lifelong friends I will carry with me my entire life. 

How did you find MC as a student?
My senior year, I applied to eight different colleges ranging from huge SEC public school to teeny tiny liberal arts college to Ivy League. I had initially learned about Mississippi College through attending a camp here called Super Summer, and one of my closest friends Dee Gentry also came here two years before I did and absolutely loved MC. So, I threw MC in my mix because I had loved the campus & I had heard nothing but great things from Dee. I had decided to actually attend another university out of state about 14 hours away from home in November of senior year. I paid a $500 non-refundable dorm fee thinking that was exactly where I wanted to go. The further I got into senior year though, the more of an unsettling peace I had about attending that school. One night in April about a month before graduation, in the midst of tears and stress about where I should attend school, my parents prayed with me that God would make it extremely evident where I was supposed to be. The very next day, the school I had chosen back in November called docking my academic scholarship by a few thousand dollars. Within a few hours following, my Admissions Counselor from MC called to let me know I had received a little extra scholarship money from Presidential Interviews, and wanted me to come on a visit to see if MC was a good fit for me. Literally two days later, my parents & I drove up to MC in a last minute effort to see if this was where I was supposed to be. I had visited 7 other schools prior, and no other place was as personable and warm the moment I stepped on campus. So the day I visited MC, I knew beyond a shadow of doubt this was where I needed to be. The Lord made it evident through interactions on campus and a sense of overwhelming peace that MC was exactly where I was supposed to be.

Do you have any pro-tips for high school students?
ENJOY senior year! Soak up every moment with your friends & every last game, recital, etc. I spent so much time stressing over my college decision that I at times forgot to stop, breathe, and enjoy some of the beautiful “last firsts” that came with being a high school senior. Also- GET TO KNOW YOUR ADMISSIONS COUNSELOR!!! As someone who applied to lots of schools, I can tell you firsthand that your interactions with the Admissions staff at the schools you apply to is a good indicator of the type of interactions you’ll have with other faculty & professors on that campus as a college student. We want to be praying for you in tangible ways throughout the year as well as encourage you along the way, so keep us in the loop!

What's your favorite Choctawk post?
As someone who is a major night owl and doesn’t enjoy early mornings, I thoroughly enjoyed “The Art of Waking Up” by Jordyn Gunn!


Everybody have a great week! Eat lots of cheese, take selfies with a sunset, and part your hair on the other side for a day because you live on the edge. 

- Elizabeth, cheese eater, selfie dabbler, hair rebel. 

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