MC Testimony: To MC or not to MC?

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Here for a blast from the past: Drake at your service!

I’ve been gone from the blog this year. But I wanted to return for one quick post.

This is my Mississippi College story.

As a high schooler, I loved MC. It’s where I had gone to church camp, met new friends, and grown in my relationship with Christ. 

And I wanted to go there for college.

But, due to my strong conscience, I had a problem: Wouldn't it be better for me to attend large secular school in order to reach others for Christ? 

Sure, MC had (and still has) people who are not Christians. But at a big school…they’re everywhere.

So what was I to do? 

Decision Time

There wasn’t a defining moment in my journey to a college home. There was much prayer on my part. 

However, when the time came for an answer, I decided to go with MC.

And looking back, I am glad I did.

The Christian College Myth

Maybe you’re like me and have a strong conscience. You almost feel guilty for going to a school full of strong believers in Christ. 

Here’s what I’ve come to realize. I’ve matured (understatement) since coming to college thanks to the strong brothers and sisters in Christ I am surrounded by on a daily basis.

Would that have happened at a big school? Probably not to this extent. Christ has formed me into His image. MC has given me a place to discover who I was made to be in a relatively safe environment.

Sure, it’s not necessarily impressive. Some of your friends (even Christian friends) may even ridicule you for going to a “Christian school.” 

But do it. There’s so much room for you to grow here, so much of yourself to find. 

So find who you are. I found who I am. 

- Drake, MC student, visiting blogger, former Choctawker


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