How to Conquer Finals!

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Hello friends! Christmas break is drawing near, but there is a mountain looming ahead on the path  leading towards weeks of holiday bliss. This is the mountain all college students dread, the seemingly insurmountable Finals! 


But the key word is seemingly! With enough coffee and determination, the mountain can be crossed! So here are seven practical tips for studying, so you can celebrate your amazing grades with a cup of hot chocolate by the fireplace! 

1. DON'T wait until the last minute! 

It is so tempting, SO tempting to wait until the last minute, but procrastination is NOT your friend.  I know all you want to do is to binge watch Netflix, but do not do it! Repeat: DO NOT DO IT! You will find yourself pulling an all nighter the night before the exam. It will leave you mentally and physically exhausted, which is not a great way to begin a final exam!   

2. DON'T study for long periods of time! 

I don't know about you, but tests freak me out! Like it could be an elementary addition test, and I would still be freaked out by the word "test." Sometimes to "prepare" I study for hours on end, but let's be honest, that is neither effective nor efficient. After an hour of studying, my knowledge retention and productivity plummet. 


3. Study in reasonable intervals. 

Study. Break. Repeat. 

4. Set up a goals and rewards system. 

You just studied for an hour? Congratulations! You deserve some chocolate and fifteen minutes of chill time! Wait, you just finished studying an entire chapter of biology? Go watch ONE (see tip number 1) episode of your favorite T.V. show! 

5. Find your study spot. 

Rory had her tree. I have the rug in my dorm room. There is one spot where you are at your most comfortable, and you get double the amount done than if you were studying somewhere else! Find you spot and study, study, study! Or should I say study, break, study (See tip number 3). 

6. Study in groups

Studying by yourself? Boring. Isolating. Studying with your friends? A far superior option! While the possibility of getting distracted is very real and ever present, studying with a buddy can also keep you focused and give you a sounding board for your ideas. 

7. Study with snacks! 

Food makes everything better. My roommate and I may buy entire meals for our study sessions! 

Good luck on studying! Finish strong!