Journaling, Talking to God, & Probably Cookies

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Happy Christmas, friends! It's Ashton, excited to be communicating with you all as you're enjoying Christmas Break and recovering from finals.

I need you all to be aware that the original title of this blog was, "Christmas Thing Bye," but "the man" told me that I needed to remove it. 

It's December 22nd, which means Christmas is three days away! If you haven't done your shopping yet, don't fret! Read this blog first, fret later. Christmas is a great time to enjoy being home, get some rest, spend time with family, eat a lot, and reflect back on the work that The Lord has done in your life in the past year. 

I know we all see those cliché posts, billboards, and even t-shirts that say "Jesus is the reason for the season," but really, He is. I'm not writing this to tell y'all to go find a live nativity scene and reflect on Jesus' birth (But if you want to do that, I say go for it). We all reflect and process in different ways, but the important thing is that we give God the glory for His work.


This year has been a huge season of growth for me and the reality is that I wouldn't have made it through it if I hadn't been depending on Christ. I faced a lot of hard times and walked through things I never saw coming. I learned to lean on Christ for all I have, because through and by Him, we can do all things (Philippians 4:13). Holding onto His hope, I became stronger and learned a lot about myself, the world, and the Lord. It was hard, but I wouldn't trade any of it because of the person I am on the other side of it all.

All that being said, I'm excited to spend some time reflecting on this past year (there will probably be a post about it on my personal blog). There will be a lot of journaling, talking to God, talking to myself, probably cookies, and definitely good music involved.

Above all else, the gifts, the food, the movies, and the snow, the most important thing about the Christmas Season is God. I know you know that, but I'm just here to remind you. Once again, I'm not telling you to do some cliché thing and sing Christmas carols while spelling out "Thankful" in the snow. Just thank the Lord for His work! 

Friends, picture this: you're curled up by the fire (if you have a fire to curl up by), your journal in hand, fuzzy socks on your feet, our winter playlist playing in the background. You spend time talking to the Father and your heart gets filled by His joy that is greater than anything else. 

I hope and pray that you all have a full, restful Christmas Break! Have fun reflecting on 2014 and all that The Lord has done in your life and make some cookies. Christmas is in THREE DAYS PEOPLE! Get pumped. 

That's all for now!
Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Keep on smiling

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