What's Your Love Language?

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Hey party people, it's Elizabeth here, with a pretty important life skill: communicating love.

Now I'm not just talking about romantic love, although love languages probably help for that too, but I'm talking about loving our friends and family in the way they best receive it. 

We have all been created to receive love in certain ways, and believe it or not, we've all been created to express love differently. 

Knowing each other's love languages can help us to love our friends in the way they best receive it.

So let's find out what these languages are, and which ones you speak!

1. Words of Affirmation- If this is you, then you receive or give love through words of encouragement, whether that's a face to face conversation, a random text message, or snail mail. A words-person gets their tank filled when they are affirmed by other people's words. At the same time, sometimes people who give words of affirmation struggle with receiving words of affirmation. Since words carry a tremendous amount of weight, other people's words can be the thing that builds up or tears down a words-person. 

2. Physical Touch- A physical touch person feels loved by actual contact with another person, whether it's a hug, sitting next to someone, or a full out snuggle sesh. I'll be honest, physical touch is my main love language, but I have to respect the fact that it's not everyone's. With that being said, if you are a physical touch person, be careful who you snuggle with. They may not feel loved like you do, they might just feel creeped out. 

3. Quality Time- This is the tried and true, one-on-one, no strings attached, hang out. Intentional conversation, good listening, and genuine enjoyment of another person's presence make up a quality time person's happy place. This person simply needs to be shown they are valued by giving them the priceless gift of your time and attention. 

4. Acts of Service- Not that words and time well-spent aren't great, but some people just need you to pick up the dish rag or the rake, make the bed, or help with the laundry. These kind of people feel loved and valued through the deeds intentionally done for them. So to love this person well, don't be loud or obnoxious about serving them, just serve them and let your actions speak for themselves. 


5. Gifts- Believe it or not, there are people that feel most loved through gifts of material things, and that's okay! A gift that's thoughtful or out of the blue, like a bouquet of flowers, a fresh cupcake that's still in the box, or a mixed tape of their favorite songs makes a gifts-person feel loved. When you see things that scream THEM, get it. Love the gift people. 

Keep in mind that people often give and receive love in different ways! For example, I love to receive words of affirmation, but I'm usually better at expressing love through quality time. So find out what your love language is so that your friends can love you the way you need to be loved. Also, find out what your friends' love languages are and get busy loving them well! 

Take this quiz to find out your love language! 

- Elizabeth "snuggle sesh" Moore


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