Receptions: MC in my City

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Andrew here, with a quick blog on the upcoming receptions for students interested in Mississippi College.

The Admissions Office offers several opportunities for prospective students to acquaint themselves with Mississippi College. There are campus visits, preview days, college fairs, but my favorite events are the area receptions. MC in my City creates a unique environment for students to meet faculty and students in a more formal setting.

When I was in high school, I attended the Jackson Area Reception twice (my junior and senior year). I remember being impressed by how I was welcomed by the Scouts and Admissions team. Even in the cold of December, there was someone smiling outside of the door to greet me as I arrived.

As I made my way inside I discovered a great spread of food and tables set up which created the perfect atmosphere to casually discuss the ins and outs of the Choctaw lifestyle. I met several current students and was able to pick their brains as to why they chose MC and discover if it really lived up to the hype. The conversations I had that night reinforced what I had heard at Preview Day and I began to realize that MC was a school that valued me and a school at which I could thrive.

Now, as a student, I've had the opportunity to return to these receptions and represent the school I love. It has been a pleasure to carry the same warmth that I saw in MC students to the next generation of Choctaws. I've enjoyed the chance to be the smiling face at the door or being the one to tell my MC story to eager ears.

There's a colloquial vibe that exists somewhere between the nice food, sharp-dressed people, and the students keen to enter the college frontier. It's difficult to describe, but is truly a joy to experience. MC hosts receptions around the region so look for one coming to your area soon and experience the magic of the moment.

I'll see you at the receptions,

Andrew, Junior Blogger, Sports Fan, The King of Chill


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