Why Not?

Hello, it's Andrew here with a question that I've been thinking about recently.... "Why not?"

This question comes from the movie, "We Bought a Zoo" starring Matt Damon. There's a book, too, but I haven't read it (yet). Regardless, the story follows Benjamin Mee who is struggling to manage a zoo and raise his two children following the death of his wife. As the problems and pressures rise, someone asks him why he even bought the zoo. He simply replied, "Why not?"

When my brother and I first saw this movie, we were so inspired by this phrase. There was this magical element in his quiet confidence while taking a risk that resonated with me. I think that, far too often, I tend to over-complicate things in life. Really, all we have to do is show up and give something a chance and not stress and worry about the outcome.

When I reflect on my college experience so far, the moments that have had the best payoffs were the ones that had the greatest risk involved. This all started at the end of my high school career and the inception of my college life. 

My older brother went to a state university, and one weekend, I went to stay with him and experience his campus lifestyle. I sat in on a class and spoke with some of the professors who worked in the departments I was interested in at the time. I felt comfortable in the environment and enjoyed the sense of having a connection on campus through my brother.

Somewhere in the same season, I can't recall if it was before or after,  I visited Mississippi College. (Read about that visit here.) I never had a sense of what MC's campus life would really be like until I stayed over that weekend. After I came and spent time around MC, I felt welcomed here as well.

Initially, I only had my toes in the water, but after the visits, I began wading towards deeper waters and making a decision that would shape the course of my future. So, as my senior year progressed, I followed through with both schools, applied to both, and received scholarships from both. All of this led to a pinnacle moment where I had to make a choice.

It was in this juncture that I carried out the hardest phone conversation of my life (to this point). I called the man in charge of awarding the specific scholarship I was awarded at the other school and told him that I decided to go to another university. Even though I had more scholarship to the other school, I wanted to go to Mississippi College. With the support of my parents and a new-found sense of determination, I embraced my decision, and made the first step to overcoming the fear of the unknown.  I was going to be a Choctaw. Why not? 

Now, as a junior looking back, I am very grateful for my decision to come to Mississippi College. I never could have seen the full extent of the benefits I would reap from choosing to attend MC. I have grown stronger as an individual, in an academic sense, on a spiritual level, and in a holistic nature as well. The decision was made at the crossroads, but my journey began when I asked "Why not?" and took the first step with visiting campus. 

Until next time,

Andrew, Junior Blogger, Risk-taker, Choctaw.


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