Department Highlight: English

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Within the red bricks of Jennings Hall, the English Department welcomes students who are passionate about writing, history, literature, and the humanities.

Never visited Jennings Hall? Just imagine an atmosphere of casual yet intelligent conversation, the satisfying aroma of coffee in an open-air courtyard, the soothing sound of a fountain, and books--lots of books. This, my friends, is an everyday occurrence in the English Department. I would know. I'm an English student. 

MC's English program challenges students to think critically and express original ideas with confidence and professionalism. They teach the disciplines of independent thought, intellectual discussion, and deep revision.  Through forming genuine relationship with students, the faculty challenge the students to grow in their faith through expanding their intellect. 

There are four main concentrations that extend out of the English Department: 

1. English Literature
2. English Writing
3. English Education
4. English Pre-Law

Now, you might be asking yourself, "Self, what can you do with an English major?" 

Well, believe it or not, an English major is actually quite a marketable quality when applying for jobs that require critical and analytical thinking--not to mention that good writing is a coveted skill in the professional world. 

As a student of this program, I can confidently say that the English Department cultivates a rich community of students and faculty built on personal relationships. Professors will often cancel class in order to have individual meetings with students about a paper, project, or their improvement in class. The faculty even hosts mid-program reviews where the entire English faculty will meet with students one-on-one to discuss their strengths and weaknesses as a writer and post-college plans. 

One of my favorite parts of the English Department is the Writing Center. The Writing Center is a free tutoring service where students who are trained through the ENG 398 class tutor other students in writing. A close community and camaraderie naturally forms among writing tutors through training and working alongside one another. 

Interested in the English major? Email our department chair, Dr. Randle, the very person who encouraged me to follow my dreams and study what I love ( 

For more info about our Academic Departments, look here! And for more info specifically about the English Department, check here

- With love, Elizabeth--Writing major, dream chaser, strawberry eater 

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