The Power of the ACT

Hello future Choctaws! It's Nolie here, and I know all about taking the ACT! Whether you're the person who rolls out of bed fifteen minutes before, or you get up two hours early to mentally prepare (that was me), the ACT is something that must be tackled.


Actually, the ACT can open a lot of doors. I probably would not be at MC if I hadn't prepped for the ACT. MC has some of the best scholarships around, and I should know - I applied to five different schools! Not only was MC my first choice, but they provided me with the most scholarship money. A big reason for this was that infamous ACT. 

At MC, scholarships begin with a score of eighteen, and just keeps going up as the ACT score increases! If you hit a twenty-nine, then that's when the magic happens!


The Presidential Scholarship is the pinnacle of scholarships! Automatically, the scholarship starts with a beautiful $11,000, AND you are invited to participate in the Presidential Scholar Interview Competition. 

If you decide to interview, you automatically qualify for $500 a year! That's an additional $2,000! Forty students will be named Presidential with Distinction Scholars. These students receive an additional $3,000 a year. 


A lucky (and extremely dedicated and intelligent) four students are selected to receive a full tuition, room, and board scholarship. Behold the power of the ACT! 

So get those ACT Prep books ready!


Catch you on the flip side! 

- Nolie


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