Admissions Counselor Spotlight: Camea Dobbs

Alright people, it's that time again--time to spotlight one of our famous Admissions Counselors! 

(This is a Tuesday thing if you haven't caught on yet...)

This week we are bragging on the fun, bubbly, and talented Camea Dobbs! 

This will be Camea's second year as an admissions counselor, and she does her job so well. We feel like we've had her forever! 

This week Camea will be in the great state of Texas! She will be primarily in the Houston area visiting Conroe High School, Dulles High School, Kempner High, and Willowridge High. She'll also be representing MC at College Fairs at Champion Forest Baptist Church, Fort Bend Christian Academy, Bellaire High School, and Second Baptist Church Houston. 

If you live near these places or go to one of these schools, then go see her, meet her, be her friend. Take selfies.  

Now, of course, Camea has filled out our critically acclaimed questionnaire... So here goes nothing. 


Interview Time

What's your hometown? 

Brandon, MS

What Disney Princess/Prince would you marry and why? 

John Smith. He fights for his woman. Annnd THE MUSCLESSS.

What animal would you be and why?

A tiger. So I could protect all of the little animals from being eaten by the other mean animals.  

What are your go to road trip snacks? 

Dark chocolate covered acai berries, turkey jerky, trail mix, apples, five gum, and sparkling fruit water.

What are your go to road trip jams?

Def depends on the mood. Anything. Everything. Spotify solves all problems. But you can never go wrong with Rod Stewart, Norah Jones, Eric Clapton, Folk, Classical, or Shania Twain.

What are some books that have changed your life?

Close call between Berenstain Bears and Frog and Toad.

What were your high school involvements?

Student Body Prez, student council, basketball, tennis, soccer, and then, of course, every club known to man.

What was your most memorable MC moment?

That night my 2 best girl friends and I climbed the tree outside of the guys’ dorms and sang 3 part harmony every time a cute boy walked by. Man, were we cool….

How did you find MC as a student? 

It was a cold, dark, lonely Monday in October of 2009.. I sat alone on the playground as a senior in high school after having my lunch money stolen and not being picked at all to play kickball. That’s when I saw the radiating silhouette of my Mississippi College admissions counselor (Kyle Brantley) walking towards me from the foggy abyss. He sat down beside me, looked me in the eyes, and said the 3 words I will never forget, “Faith. Family. Future.” I will never be the same.

What are some pro-tips for college-bound high school students?

SURRENDER your life to Christ. Walk in obedience to God’s word. Use the gifts He’s given you. Serve selflessly. Love radically. Pray unceasingly. YOLO.

What's your favorite Choctawk post? 

Committed to Discipline by Elizabeth Moore

Thanks Camea!! She's just the best.

Okay, friends, now you get to go stalk her and @MC_admissions on all the sosh meeds. Remember to use #MContheroad and #FindMC. Dueces. 

- Elizabeth "that blog girl" Moore 


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