Confessions of an Involved Introvert

Hello all! Ashton here to give a shout out to all the introverts out there! Extroverts, I love you, but today's blog is putting the spotlight on those of us who tend to shy away from it. 

Confession: I didn't realize that I was an introvert until I got to college.
Confession two: It was a really overwhelming discovery.
Confession three: I am full blown introvert, but I am not a "typical introvert" and I am not a shy person.

You don't have to meet certain stereotypes to be an introvert. I promise. My BFF Google gives the synonyms shyreservedwithdrawnreticentdiffidentand quiet for the word "introverted" 

The good news is that a year later, I've not only learned how to be healthily introvert, but I've learned to love that I am an introvert and how to be involved on campus despite introvert stereotypes. So friends, I'm here to share my secrets and tell you all about how I stay involved on campus while also maintaining my sanity as an introvert.

Know your limits.
I'm starting with this because it's the hardest one to learn. For me, it took a lot of deep breaths and extra alone time. For you, it will probably be different but it will definitely be possible. The thing is, you can only learn your limits after you've reached them. I got involved in a lot really fast and I quickly learned how much I could be involved with before I reached my limit. You have to experience too much before you know what your too much is. So with that, you have to do a lot of self evaluation and give yourself a lot of love. Help yourself out, learn your limit.

Find your place.
All of us have one-- that quiet place that we go to get away from the world and our responsibilities. To introverts, this is like Disney World. It is the happiest place on earth, better than the castle and the endless food-- our own place to recharge, be alone, and be happy. In high school, my bedroom was my go to spot for alone time. When I got to college, I didn't know what to do with myself because I no longer had a spot to go and be alone. And then, a beautiful thing happened; I went to Cups and my little introverted heart exploded. 

Cups is the coffee shop that is a couple blocks off campus and it is my place. It is where I go and I recharge after a long day or a full weekend. A place with coffee, comfy chairs, and quiet corners is the perfect place for me! After being in college for a few weeks, you'll find your place too! You just have to look for it! 

Do what you love.
This is the most important one. Getting involved is great, getting involved in things that you love is even better! As an introvert, I have to spend my "people time" wisely so that I don't get burnt out or bitter towards what I'm involved in. So my advice-- DO WHAT YOU LOVE! You are less likely to get burnt out if you love what you're doing. Try as many things as you can, but only stay involved with the things that bring you joy! Keep your heart happy and your introverted self well balanced!

I am an active in Swannanoa Social Tribe, a Choctawker, a member of the leadership team for my church's college group, a youth leader at my church, as well as a friend to many and a lover of all cats. My life is proof that you can be introverted, involved, and happy! You just have to learn how to balance it out. 

So, my fellow introverts, fear not! You can be bigger than the stigma that the title "introvert" holds! Don't be afraid of doing too much or reaching your limits! Do what you love and find a place to recharge! College can be just as fun for introverts as it is for extroverts, I promise! Now c'mon and prove me right! 

Stay classy, stay introverted, stay wonderful,

appreciator of mac 'n cheese, mountains, mickey mouse & alliterations 


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