Lit's Get Down to Business

Hey party people, it's Andrew again! Over Christmas break I tried something new that has been around for ages. I read a book. It was a short book, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.


In elementary school, I loved reading! I read all sorts of books.

Somewhere in high school I figured out how to work the system and get by without reading the whole book. I thought I was getting ahead, but I was robbing myself. Last semester, I took American Literature. For someone who doesn't do much reading (me), the fact that this class was centered around dissecting literary works was alarming!

One of the assignments for the class was to write a term paper on an obscure work of American literature that we had read and understood. Uh-oh. There is not a SparkNotes page for obscure literature. He said, "If you still need help, come to my office and I'll give you something to read." This was my category.

I went to his office one day after class and surrendered. I told him that I didn't really know what I was going to do for my paper and needed help. Then the craziest thing happened... He helped me. He gave me two books and told me to pick a story from one of them and analyze it for the assignment. I ended up selecting a western story and read the whole thing. I didn't use online help. (Because there wasn't any) I actually had to read for myself and make my own assertions. Something was different. I actually liked it.

This didn't spark some huge revolution in my life where I started reading a book every week, but it did give me a greater appreciation for the power of a good story. Over Christmas break I read Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray. (Yes it took me almost a month to read 160 pages...) Anyway, I was able to entertain myself with a book over break, (in addition to watching Netflix and the Bowl Games) and I felt rather accomplished at the end.

So, go grab a book, smell it (old books just smell good), then actually read it. You may find that you enjoy it.

Andrew, Sophomore Blogger, Renewed Reader, Intramural Basketball Player #0