12 Questions to Ask Your Future Roommate

Greetings earthlings! Lynley and Drake here, teaming up to double the trouble.

Congrats! You've just been accepted to Mississippi College! (Even if you haven't, play along).


In your preparation for the fall, you realize: I need a roommate! But do not fear, for we are here to help your decision in picking a roommate. Thus, here are 12 twelve questions, for guys and gals, to ask before settling on the person you'll be living with for at least 2 semesters and possibly 4 whole years!

1. Do you have any friends going to this school?

Lynley (for gals): Most girls in the dorm leave their room open so that everyone can come in and out whenever they want to watch movies, eat all your food, and talk about boys. Your roommate's friends will be in and out of the room and it's always really fun to hang out with a variety of people in the dorm.

Drake (for guys): The bros your roommate hangs out with will very likely be the bros that you see in your room at night. There's a very good chance you'll end up at Taco Bell with them. Just like the song "The More We Get Together" goes, "Cause your friends are my friends, and my friends are your friends."

2. What are your favorite TV shows and bands?

Lynley (for gals): TV shows and music can tell a lot about a person. My roommate and I have very similar taste in shows and music, so we get along really well in that aspect. But, say you really enjoy Spongebob and Hilary Duff (who doesn't?) and your roommate likes something completely different? Don't fret. You can watch TV shows and your music separately. Remember, always have a set of headphones with you wherever you go.

Drake (for guys): If you're like me, you really enjoy blasting some jams in your room. Recently, I even brought a guitar amp into my room to play music. Your roommate may be like me and want to jam out to his favorite hits. However, if there's a type of music or a TV show he watches that you don't like, this could be a major red flag.



3. Do you have a significant other?

Lynley (for gals): This can either be a really good or a really bad thing. If your roommate does have a boyfriend, he will either be in the room often or she won't be in the room at all. Discussing boundaries in regards to how much her boyfriend is in the room is always smart to do before you end up always becoming the third wheel.

Drake (for guys): If your roommate has a girlfriend, there's a good chance she'll be visiting your room quite frequently. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that, as long as, you know, you're fine with girls and all. I still sometimes question whether or not they have cooties.


4. Do you plan on studying in the room?

Lynley (for gals): My roommate and I both enjoy studying in the room so I don't have to worry about getting distracted when she is in the room. However, most students on campus cannot study with other people in the room so they have to get creative with where they choose to study.

Drake (for guys): It seems like we all have unique study habits. If you and your roommate are studying in the room at the same time and he has a habit of clicking his pen, this could get incredibly annoying. Of course, there's always a chance that your roommate won't study much at all, but will always have people in the room.

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5. What activities do you plan to be involved in and do you plan on rushing? 

Lynley (for gals): There are so many different activities on campus that you can get involved in. Rushing a tribe means you and your roommate will be super busy with the people that are also in the rushing process. You and your roommate might even decide to rush the same tribe! If that's the case, you're going to be spending a lot of extra time with your roommate which will help in getting to know them even better. Like I always say, roommates that rush together stay together. Okay, maybe that's not always true, but you get my point.

Drake (for guys): If you decide to go through rush, you'll be spending much time away from the room with a certain group of guys. If you and your roommate are planning on rushing the same club or being in the same activities, the two of you could help each stay on schedule. Remember, team work makes the dream work.


6. What are your favorite snacks and how do you feel about sharing?

Lynley (for gals): If you're really healthy like me and are always snacking on sour patch and chocolate in the room, make sure you label your food if you don't want your roommate to end up eating all of your candy. I learned my roommate's favorite snacks so I can occasionally surprise her with them if I'm feeling generous that day. I highly suggest you and your roommate making a food stash in the room for the days you're feeling weak and need a little snack to keep you going (for me that's everyday).

Drake (for guys): I (and many of my friends) have a habit of eating each other's food. They have good tastes in snacks, after all. However, your possible future roommate may either not be into sharing snacks or you may not want him eating your food. This point is huge for drawing the line living in a college dorm.

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7. How do you spend your free time?

Lynley (for gals): MC's campus is a fun place to hang out. There's so much to do like get coffee with friends, play frisbee on the quad, run around campus, and so on. If you plan on staying in the room a lot, will you spend your time watching TV shows? Will you and your roommate watch movies together? Will you mattress surf down the hallway? I will neither admit nor deny doing that myself.

Drake (for guys): Do you spend your free time playing video games? Does your possible roommate? Will you ever leave the room? Will he?


8. What are your biggest needs? 

Lynley (for gals): There are so many different factors that go into being a considerate roommate. There are some roommates that want to talk and hang out all the time, but there are also roommates that don't want to talk at all. There are some that need the room to be spotless, and some don't care if they can even see the floor with all the clothes lying around. There needs to be a discussion beforehand about simple roommate-needs in order to have a successful year.

Drake (for guys): Do you want a roommate who you can have deep spiritual conversations with? Or do you just need someone you can talk about random stuff with? Maybe you and your possible future roommate need people around all the time, or maybe they need a certain amount of alone time.


9. What time do you usually go to bed and get up in the morning?

Lynley (for gals): Are you a night owl that stays up all night and requires little to no sleep, or are you like a bear that goes into hibernation and gets angry if it (she) is woken? Chances are you and your roommate will have different sleep schedules, so be sure to be sensitive and considerate of their schedule so you don't get "beary" angry at your roommate.

Drake (for guys): It's 2 AM. You've been asleep for a while now when suddenly, you hear the door open. In frustration, it's your roommate waking you up for the third time this week! You may be living with a night owl or maybe you're the night owl. Check your roommate before you wreck your roommate.


10. Would you prefer the top or the bottom bunk?

Lynley (for gals): I'm scared of heights. I've also fallen off the top bunk. It's scary. Some people, on the other hand, prefer the top bunk bed and love living life on the edge. The great thing about being in college is that you have all the freedom in the world to arrange your beds however you want in the room. Thank goodness for that freedom. 'Merica.

Drake (for guys): Some people have real problems with heights. Falling off the top bunk could be like falling off the face of the earth to them. It'd be hard to have bunk beds if neither of y'all want to be on top. Of course, you don't have to bunk the beds, but your space is limited.


11. What kind of church do you want to be involved with?

Lynley (for gals): Choosing a church to go to and get involved in can be a fun and exciting experience. It could also be a cool thing for you and your roommate to do together while you are still trying to figure everything out. If you and your roommate have two totally different denominations, maybe you can go to different churches and just discuss it afterwards.

Drake (for guys): Your roommate has the potential to encourage you in one direction or another in terms of church attendance. If they consistently attend a church, you are more likely to get up and do so as well.


12. How do you deal with conflict? 

Lynley (for gals): Yelling. Silent treatment. Knuckle sandwiches. None of these things are fun for anyone. Being open and honest is the best thing you can do in a time of conflict with your roommate. In a dream world, everything will be perfect and there will never be any conflict, but I'm here to sadly announce that it usually doesn't work out like that. Talk about problems before they get out of hand, and you'll be the cutest roommates in the entire world.

Drake (for guys): At some point in your college career, you and your roommate will encounter a problem the two of you will need to talk through. Make sure you are open to making your dorm life not just survive, but thrive as well.

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- Lynley and Drake